Black History Month February 2022: Earlene Brown, Michelle Carter, Raven Saunders

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Michelle Carter

You know what the three of us have in common? We all are women. We are black. We throw the shot put. And, we are the only Americans that have an Olympic medal in Women’s shot put. Earlene Brown 1960 Bronze. Michelle Carter 2016 Gold. Raven Saunders 2020 Silver. We have trained hard to represent our country. We have reached the top. We have represented the USA very well. When people think about us, they say that we were the first Black Americans to win medals. I have to correct them and say we are the only Americans that have Olympic medals in Women’s shot put. People assume that a white American did it first and then somebody black. But the reality is that we are Americans. The adjective of our skin color doesn’t make us less than or second. We are Americas best. We are the first Americans to win Olympic medals for Team USA. We too are America. Black History is American History. This Black History moment was bought to you by your favorite Olympian, Michelle Carter. #ShotDiva#BlackHistory#AmericanHistory#TeamUSA#TeamUSATF#Black#WomenAthletes#PlusSizeAthlete#BlackWomen