Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup

Leigh-Ellen Figueroa

The Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup Meets Monthly.

Minutes from meetings for 2021 onward and agendas for upcoming meetings can be found HERE.

Co-Chair: Stacey Langknecht

Co-Chair: Jenna Weld 413- 522-9728

Staff Contact:
Kat Allen
413-774-3167, ext. 119

To find the Workgroup’s Facebook page, click HERE.

Workgroup Co-Chair Jenna Weld with baby Jazz
Workgroup Co-Chair Jenna Weld
with baby Jazz

Stacey Langknecht, Workgroup Co-Chair
Workgroup Co-Chair Stacey Langknecht

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What We Do

The goal of the Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup is to provide resources, skill building, and empowerment opportunities for parents and guardians in order to support the hard work of raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. Workgroup strategies include:

  • Supporting evidence-based parent education programs, including curricula such as Nurturing Families, Strengthening Families, and Guiding Good Choices.
  • Sharing information about best practices in youth substance use prevention, mental health promotion, family connectedness, family dinners, etc. through workshops, publications, and more.
  • Spreading positive parenting norms through social marketing and outreach.
  • Empowering parent with lived expertise from local family-serving agencies to help shape community services and provide outreach to their peers, (see PEER Ambassador Program below and here).

PEER Ambassadors

The Communities That Care Coalition has a new program for engaging and empowering local parents!  The PEER Ambassador Program (PEER stands for Parent Engagement, Enrichment, and Resources) is a collaboration between the Communities That Care Coalition, Community Action’s Family Center, the Recover Project, the Salasin Center, the North Quabbin Community Coalition, Valuing Our Children, and the Brick House Community Resource Center. These organizations have each nominated outstanding parents/grandparents/caregivers with lived expertise from within their programs to represent their organizations and the Communities That Care Coalition as PEER Ambassadors.

PEER Ambassadors receive a monthly stipend to (1) participate in a self-paced training program and ongoing professional development opportunities, (2) provide outreach to other parents in the region – helping to connect families to important online and local resources; and (3) help shape community services by sharing their perpectives and their lived expertise through participation on community and coalition boards and advisory committees.

Social Marketing

The Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup works to promote positive social norms among parents. You may have seen these images (which are based on data from the Coalition’s annual Student Health Survey) around town on billboards, websites, in newspapers, or in your students grade reports:

Parent Guide

Each year in September, the Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup creates a Parent Guide that is published as a supplement to the Recorder and the Athol Daily News. The parent guide includes features on local families, articles on parenting challenges, and lists of resources for local families.

2009 Parent Guide Cover
2009 Parent Guide
2010 Parent Guide Cover
2010 Parent Guide
2011 Parent Guide Cover
2011 Parent Guide
2012 Parent Guide Cover
2012 Parent Guide (Missing)
2013 Parent Guide Cover
2013 Parent Guide
2014 Parent Guide Cover
2014 Parent Guide
2015 Parent Guide Cover
2015 Parent Guide
2016 Parent Guide Cover
2016 Parent Guide
2017 Parent Guide Cover
2017 Parent Guide
2018 Parent Guide Cover
2018 Parent Guide
2019 Parent Guide Cover
2019 Parent Guide
2020 Parent Guide Cover
2020 Parent Guide
2021 Parent Guide Cover
2021 Parent Guide
2022 Parent Guide Cover
2022 Parent Guide

We want your ideas for the 2023 Parent Guide! Please contact us!

Minigrants for Parent Education

Since 2011, the Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup has often been able to award mini-grants to support workgroup strategies in the community. Awards have gone to organizations to support research-based parent education to parents and caregivers of children age 9 through 18 years, and to fund events that encourage families to connect over shared meals.