CSYP Workgroup


Ricia Elwell-Socci, CAPV
Megan Richardson

Staff Contact:

Naomi Bledsoe, FRCOG

CSYP meets once a month on Zoom on the 3rd Wednesday, 1:30-2:30PM.

In 2023/24, we are using Padlets to keep a running record of some of our work as a group.
Appreciation Station is our online “guest book” for virtual and in-person visits
We’re on the Map! shows points of interest in the neighborhoods we live and work near.

2024 Meetings:
Jan 17, Workgroup Meeting – Wellness Wheels Notes
Feb 21, Virtual Visit – Community Action Youth Programs – Greenfield Notes
March 20, Workgroup Meeting
April 17, Virtual Visit
May 15, Workgroup Meeting Notes
June 19, Holiday – No meeting
Summer/Fall 2024 meeting schedule to come!

2023 Meetings:
Jan 9, 3:30 Case Study – GPL Teen Space
Feb 7, 1:00 Case Study – CAYP Drop-In Space
Mar 14, 3:30 Workgroup meeting Materials: Directory Template | Draft CTC Action Plan
Apr 10, 3:30 Workgroup meeting
May 9, 1:00 Case Study -(Project Amp mentoring program)
July 6, 1:00 Case Study -(BBBS-FC Youth Empowerment grants)
July 21, 9:00 Workgroup meeting (at The Brick House)
Sept 20, 1:30 Workgroup Meeting
Oct 18, 1:30 Virtual Visit – The Brick House Community Resource Center Slideshow
Nov 15, 1:30 Workgroup meeting – Visualizing Circles of Care
Dec 20, 1:30 Virtual Visit – Greenfield Public Library

What we do

The Community Supports for Young People (CSYP) workgroup brings people together – including young people themselves! – for collective engagement around health equity and the overall wellbeing of young people in our community.

This group welcomes anyone with personal or professional connections to young people in our area. It might be a good fit for you if you want to:

  • Strengthen your connections with people, programs and agencies serving young people in our region
  • Develop shared knowledge about how community-based programs can support young people by learning together, including from one another
  • Access a dedicated space and time for professional development, networking, reflection and relationship-building 
  • Expand your capacity to connect local young people with wrap-around care and supports

CSYP in 2023-24

  1. Our monthly online meetings alternate between spotlighting specific programs and focusing on professional development and relationship building for the group.
  2. This year we are also encouraging workgroup members to visit places that provide services or supports for young people!
  3. Over the course of the year, we will build a collective publication (a letter? a website? a multimedia product?) to share with young people in our communities. 
  4. We also host an opt-in online directory of members.