PEER Ambassadors

About the Communities That Care Coalition’s PEER Ambassador Program

Communities That Care Coalition’s PEER (Parent Engagement, Enrichment, & Resources) Community Ambassador Program was started in 2020 by the Coalition’s Parent and Family Engagement Workgroup.  It is a collaboration between the Franklin Regional Council of Governments’ Partnership for Youth, Community Action Family Center, the North Quabbin Recovery Center, Valuing Our Children, the Recover Project, the Salasin Center, the Brick House, and more. The program is funded by the Opioid Task Force and the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Addiction Services.

The goal of the PEER Community Ambassador Program is to (a) help connect parents to existing resources and tools, including parent education and support programs and basic needs services, (b) help spread parenting norms that promote healthy youth development, and (c) foster greater levels of participant leadership, engagement, and ownership in the Communities That Care Coalition and its partners.

PEER Ambassadors are selected by their Host Agency to provide outreach to other parents and give input into community programs.  New PEER Ambassadors participate in a self-paced, online training program, and continue their learning through webinars, trainings, and classes on topics of particular interest.  They receive a monthly stipend for their time.

We currently have TEN amazing PEER Ambassadors from FIVE fabulous family-serving partner agencies.

Photo of Keyedrya Jacobs

For more information about the program, please contact Keyedrya Jacobs at or Leigh-Ellen Figueroa at

For PEER Ambassadors

Find notes from recent meetings and upcoming agendas HERE.

PEER Ambassador Training and Orientation

Welcome to the PEER Ambassador Program!

The PEER Ambassador Training Program is self-paced and split into seven different learning modules. Before diving in, please review and fill out the following documents.

  • Please read our Core Values in the Orientation Documents folder below.
  • Please read and fill out the PEER Ambassador Agreement Form below.
  • Please read and fill out the PEER Ambassador Profile Form below.
  • You’ll be loaned a Chromebook to use during your time as a PEER Ambassador. We will ask you to fill out a paper copy of our Tech Agreement in the Orientation Documents folder below.
  • Before starting the learning modules, you must take this Pre-Post-Survey. You’ll be asked to take this survey again after completing the training, and then again after you’ve been a part of the program for a while. This is not a test; this survey helps us to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the program. We will use this survey to improve the program. 
  • Here is our Program Contact Information List. Please make sure your information is in this list and all correct!
  • Below you will find a PEER Ambassador Resource Toolkit. We also would like you to become very familiar with the Look4Help website, which provides a searchable database for important services in the area.
Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Helping Parents Succeed part 1
Module 3 – Helping Parents Succeed part 2
Module 4 – Community and Online Resources
Module 5 – Becoming a PEER Ambassador part 1
Module 6 – Becoming a PEER Ambassador part 2
Module 7 – Planning Your Outreach