Racial Justice Workgroup

The Racial Justice Workgroup Meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month from 3:30-5:00.

Minutes from meetings for 2021 onward and agendas for upcoming meetings can be found HERE.


Shaundell Diaz
Matt Allen
Lee Collins-Lambert

Staff Contacts:

Kat Allen
413-774-3167, ext 119

Rachel Stoler
413-774-3167, ext 121

What We Do

The Communities That Care Coalition works to improve youth health and well being, and promote health equity and racial justice.  Our Racial Justice Workgroup brings together coalition and community members with a common interest in racial justice and youth health and health equity.  The group is committed to having its membership remain a majority people of color.

The goals of the Racial Justice Workgroup are: 

  • To increase the racial diversity within the Coalition at all participation and leadership levels.
  • To increase understanding among Coalition participants of racial justice and its critical role in increasing health equity
  • To identify and lead new coalition strategies to improve health and wellbeing for people of color from a systems level