Black History 365: John Holyfield

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Art That Celebrates the Beauty of the African-American Spirit

A native of Clarksburg, West Virginia, John Holyfield was orphaned and reared by his grandmothers. With an interest in art through grade school, Holyfield was encouraged by teachers, family and friends to continue his studies at Howard University and the University of D.C. to major in graphic design. In school, John Holyfield’s interests switched from graphic design to fine arts.

“I feel very fortunate to have found my “purpose” in life at such an early age. My art is truly an extension of myself…my voice. My goal is to reaffirm every positive aspect of being African-American by focusing on our families, our spirituality and our heritage and traditions. I believe that every race can relate because, in essence, I am shining a light on the beauty of being human.” John Holyfield’s artwork will evoke fond memories of your life’s experiences, and hopefully they will influence the young minds and hearts of generations to come.