Black History 365: Dr. Earyn McGee

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Dr. Earyn McGee is an aspiring Natural History TV Show Host. She’s merged her love for lizards and passion for social justice to create the very popular social media game #FindThatLizard. Every Wednesday at 5pm MST, she post a photo of a lizard camouflaged in its natural environment and participants have to find it. The captions that go with each photo often give the players natural history facts about the lizards which double as hints on where to look. But Dr. McGee also uses this as an opportunity to talk about conservation and social issues.

Dr. McGee’s graduate studies focused on the impact of stream drying on the lizard population. She’s also exploring ways to get more black women into natural resources careers.

Committed to diversity and inclusion, Earyn was graduate student mentor to the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program. The program aims to increase the diversity within the conservation field.

Earyn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Howard University. As well as both a Master of Science and PhD in Natural Resources with an emphasis in Wildlife Conservation and Management from the University of Arizona. She lives in Tucson, with her dog Puca.