Black History 365: Black Sands Entertainment

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Black Sands Entertainment Founder, Manuel Godoy, Crafts an Immersive Comic Book Universe That Stands Out among the Rest

Countless storytelling mediums have evolved over the years, but none have ever come as far as holding a tight grip on our modern popular culture as much as comic books have. The love for comic books as a visual medium is a form of affection that is universally felt. However, it is clear that the field has been predominantly white for many years now. Manuel Godoy stands at the forefront of change for the comic book industry, forging his own career by creating comic books as an African American citizen.

Manuel Godoy is the only African American comic book publisher in our modern world. The heavy responsibility that his title entails means that he is giving it his all to represent his community. He fully intends to add to his current success by inspiring more people of color to consider the comic book industry as a promising endeavor. 

His company Black Sands Entertainment has been a massively lucrative venture for the esteemed comic book publisher. After years and years of hard work, sleepless nights, and countless challenges, Manuel Godoy is proud to say that his company has amassed massive revenues over the years. 

“I originally wanted to be a video game developer, but I did not have the means to finish my first project, so I pivoted to a more sustainable career in comics,” explained Manuel. “Little did I know it would turn out so well.”

Manuel Godoy is a US Army veteran and an Economics major who began writing comic books once he finished college. His original creation, “Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms,” became an instant hit, allowing him to carve out his legacy within the comic book industry. For several years, Manuel’s company only maintained four core members, who worked night and day to sustain the demands of the business. Together, these four core members helped Manuel create the visuals of the Black Sands universe. 

The company’s growth has been nothing short of astounding. Nowadays, from its humble beginnings of just having four people, Black Sands Entertainment has several dozens of employees working diligently to maintain the brand’s status. Manuel Godoy maintains a set of principles and values that remind him of why he initially started his business in the first place.

He prioritizes controlling costs, attracting customers by offering reasonable rates, and recruiting exceptional talents at affordable rates. Growing together with the rest of his team is of utmost importance to him as a leader. He sees his own success to be the success of the entire team as well. Manuel is only truly fulfilled once he sees the same level of fulfillment within his employees. He hopes to elevate the lives of every single employee that is working with him, so they can further elevate Black Sands Entertainment. 

Manuel Godoy is making great strides towards transitioning the immersive universe of Black Sands into modern visual media. Plans for having “Black Sands: the Anime” are already in the works, and Manuel is extremely confident that licensing alone would greatly help his company.

From zero to hero, Manuel Godoy has come a long way from being the small-time comic book creator that he was. As the only African American comic book publisher in the world today, he is carrying the hopes of his people with him, much like a comic book hero. 

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