Adolescent Brain Development

The Adolescent Brain Is Literally Awesome Scientific AND user-friendly article about adolescent brain development, written by scientists and reviewed by youth.

Teen Brain Development, a page with links to multiple articles from The Center for Parent & Teen Communication on youth brain development, including 7 Ways to Support Teen Brain Growth, 3 Things To Remember About Teen Friendships, and more.

Learn About Teen Brain Development Originally written by a local partner coalition, this page includes basic info and some conversation starters for talking with youth about brain development.

Teen Brains: Articles A selection of articles on teen brain development from local partner coalitions 4SC and GMCSP.

Teen Brains: Videos A few videos adolescent brain development, including Ruth Potee’s “The Physiology of Addiction” and “Why Do Teens Act This Way?” from Partnership to End Addiction.

Teaching Young Children About Body Boundaries A 5-minute video about 3 body boundaries with authors of the Kindergarten and 1st grade module of Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education from The Unitarian Universalists Association and United Church of Christ. More Our Whole Lives videos are available for young children here.